Cabin Communications was born in 2005. At the time, Gwen and Andy's plans called for “world headquarters” to be built on a beautiful half-acre wooded lot overlooking the Delaware River in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn't consulted and sent two historic floods roaring down the river, resulting in a local zoning board that wasn’t anxious to approve new building in the flood zone.

But the dream of a cabin never died.

For years, Gwen and Andy explored a variety of alternate locations for the office but always came back to the same site. Finally, the dream became a reality in 2011 when permission was granted for the installation of a modestly sized (and slightly elevated) structure on the site which today serves as a warm, inviting hub for creative ideas and world-class work.


Andy Smith

Andy is Cabin Communications’ idea guy: he starts every sentence with, “Hey, what if we tried…”

Cabin Communications was one of Andy’s best ideas. He has decades of experience in public relations and marketing for non-profits and the healthcare industry. Before launching Cabin, he was director of public relations for a major East Coast health system with five hospitals and $1 billion in revenue.

Even though Andy thinks big, he's capable of working small: he’s a top-notch writer and editor who can produce anything from a brochure to a news release to a feature-length article. He’s also skilled in managing large projects and special events from start to finish.

The Cabin is a short walk from Andy’s home, but he gets plenty of exercise training for half- and full marathons. He also enjoys photography and juggling.

Gwen Coverdale

Gwen loves a good challenge. Which is fortunate because she takes on many of the complex projects that Cabin receives.

During Gwen’s two decades helping healthcare, education, trade organizations and corporations with their PR and marketing needs, she’s developed a reputation for balancing project management and organization with a shrewd eye for detail. With Gwen at the helm, projects are done correctly and on-time.

Gwen is one of those rare folks who works well independently or in a group, whether she’s sitting in the Cabin or training with her Bucks County Dragon Boat Association team. She also enjoys running (sometimes after her kids or the family dog).

Emily Weber-Wood

Emily’s browser never has fewer than 15 open tabs. An internet native with a decade of experience, she’s Cabin’s digital marketing expert, specializing in social media strategy and writing for the web.

Whether she’s putting together a long-form blog post or a tweet, she prides herself on her creativity and attention to detail.

When she’s not in the office, Emily enjoys reading fiction, taking walks, and baking.

Scott Edwards

Behind every story, however technical or abstract, there’s a personal but universal plight. It’s a mentality that Scott came to slowly but pursues now with every sentence he writes.

Scott arrived at Cabin Communications by way of a nearly 20-year career in journalism and marketing. Most recently, he was the editor-in-chief for a series of lifestyle magazines that covered the greater Philadelphia region. (He’s good for a lunch-spot suggestion. Not so much with the paying part, though.)

He lives just up-river from the cabin with his wife, their toddler, and two wicked kittens.

Tracy Wright

Tracy is at her best when she's brainstorming and being creative. That makes her ideally suited for her work as Cabin's feature writer.

Tracy uses her background in journalism and communications to help Cabin produce articles, website copy, and more. She worked for a newspaper, a medical publishing company, and other small start-ups before joining the Cabin Crew in 2013.

When she's not putting pen to paper (or cursor to screen), Tracy gives back through her work with the Parent-Teacher Association, her township's commission, and the Parkway Run & Walk benefiting The Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania. In her free time, she enjoys running, skiing, crocheting and reading historical fiction.

Maeve O'Brien

A lover of anything digital, Maeve finds joy engaging audiences through quality social media content. She’s a check-list-making, note-taking kind of person who’s always up to learn something new and flex her creative muscle.

When she’s not online, Maeve is usually reading or watching theatre.

Karen White

Karen White turns lines into music, words into dance. She designs graphics that sing, turning ideas into results.

Karen brings over 20 years of experience to Cabin. She offers brand development and design execution and has fully conceived and deployed dozens of websites, annual reports, newsletters, and magazines. She also manages product design and packaging, strategizes on ad campaigns, art directs photo and video shoots and more.

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