Cabin Communications recently earned its first Pepperpot Award from the Philadelphia chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. The award honored Cabin for its work on the Alter Hall Commemorative Book, which celebrated the opening of a new building for Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

Instead of calling winners up to the stage to say a few words, PRSA asked that they submit a 30-second video to be shown after each award was announced. With the pressure on, Cabin came up with the idea of spoofing the old Geico commercials. A million thanks go out to Don Polec and Out of the Blue Productions for their help in making this video possible. The result brought the house down, take a look:

The Pepperpot Awards have a long history in Philadelphia. The region’s equivalent of PRSA’s national Silver Anvil Award for excellence, the Pepperpots were named in 1968 by Bill Parker, then-chapter president and leader of Campbell Soup communications. Parker suggested the name to conjure up excitement, liveliness, and good-humored intrigue, saying, “Like Philly’s famous soup, we put everything we have into all of our public relations campaigns.”